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Magicians at War by H. Wayne Capps

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About Magicians at War

H. Wayne Capps is a professional corporate and theater magician and a reserve military officer with 27-years of service.  In Magicians at War - How Espionage and Deceit Changed History, Capps' two worlds collide as he takes an in-depth look at magicians of past who have used their skill of deceit and misdirection to serve the nation they love. 

Was Houdini a spy, was WWII stopped by a single card trick and does the CIA use magicians in the field?  These are just some of the questions answered in Magicians at War, along with some of the most amazing war stories ever told!

What is Inside

What You Will Find Inside

Jasper Maskelyne

Making a Naval cruiser appear, the spy stuff, his next trick… move a harbor!, the next task… hide the Suez Canal!, spy craft for the double agent and Maskelyne's fake army!

Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin

Stopping a war with superstition and the chest that changed history!

Harry Houdini

Was Harry a spy and his role as a patriot!

The CIA, the Spy Book and the Magicians
The gadgets, working with the CIA, Project MK-ULTRA and magic to fight the Russians!

The Card Trick that Stopped WWII

Winston Churchill and magic!

Spies and the Quick Change
The Cold War quick change used against the Russians and the magicians who made it happen.

Paul Potassy: The “Artist”

The soldier whose life was saved by a deck of cards.

World War I trench warfare that made a magician.  

The CIA Director
Magic at the CIA, an interview with a former CIA Director

Christopher “Clayton” Hutton

World War II, the maps, the compasses, the quick change… again! and his life after the war.

Kalanag - Hitler’s Magician

The magician who worked for the Third Reich and the Allies and did he steal Nazi gold?


Soldiers becoming magicians to fight PTSD.

* Magicians at War - How Espionage and Deceit Changed History is 95-pages and is available in paperback and Kindle

Was Harry Houdini a spy?

Was Harry Houdini a spy?  Examine the theories about Houdini's involvement in espionage and more! 

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